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William Shaffir

William Shaffir

William Shaffir

Full Professor

Full-Time Faculty

Areas of Interest


Research Interests

  1. Is there life after politics? Undoubtedly. But interestingly, politicians experience a number of serious challenges as they learn to cope with political defeat. This study of ex-politicians, conceptualized in terms of status passage and role exit, examines the impact of political defeat, whether federally, provincially and even locally, in terms of identity loss, employment opportunities, and family life.
  2. I am currently involved in a study about messianic proselytization. The research focuses around the claims of a hassidic sect that its previous leader, who died in June 1994, was the messiah and that the Redemption is imminent. The research examines the various claims that are offered to support the group's beliefs as well as how members deal with prophecy disconfirmation.
  3. I have a long-standing interest in, and continue to research and write about, hassidic communities. This research generally focuses around issues of socialization, identity and boundary maintenance, and social control.
  4. Some of my recent research examines the dynamics of religious conversion and defection.


Research Grants

2002: Grant from University of Calgary-Gorbachev Foundation (and V. Satzewich) “The Formation of Inter-Ethnic Tolerance in Russian Society”
2001: S.S.H.R.C. grant, Qualitative Analysis Conference.
1999: S.S.H.R.C. grant, 3 years – The Invisble Stigma: A Study of Ex-Politicians.
1993: S.S.H.R.C. grant, 3 years--The Process of Messianic Proselytization.
1990: S.S.H.R.C. grant in connection with "Montreal's Hassidic Jews Revisited" study.



  • Ph.D., McGill University, 1972



Selected Publications


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